Faris AlHajri-Ph.D.(A.M.) | Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water
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Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Abiding the BICADU Applications of Hot Water Therapy (HOWT) is essential to attain proper benefits of for its enormous therapeutic benefits.

FEEL’sThe only source to enhance the body with FEEL’s (Four Essential Elements of life), namely; Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Energy.

PEMS AspectsRevolutionize the body’s biologic, genetic and psychological structures in all PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) aspects of life.

HydrationHydrate the cells, maintaining its health growth.

LibidoIncrease libido (sexual desire and drive), as water triggers both pituitary and adrenal glands to secrete sex hormones; testosterone level in males, estrogen and progesterone levels in females; whereas heat in water enhances the glands with energy.

HydrogenSupply the body with hydrogen inside the “hydrogen pools” – (Liver, Intestine, and Spleen). The only source. The liver stores the largest amount.

OxygenSupply the body with 100%. The only source. Oxygen obtained from the environment is only 21%.

EnergyEnhance the body’s energy by thermogenesis, vasodilation, as stated by the first law of thermodynamics. Thus, making hot water, the only toxic-free natural substance that transfers energy to the body by hydration.

Immune SystemStrengthen the body’s Immune System.

BonesStrengthen the Bones, through the cholesterol sulfate producing vitamin ‘D’ under the skin.

Body FittingThis complete new scheme provides the body with remarkable results to maintain a good body geometry fitting.

Cognitive abilitiesPerforming higher mental processes of reasoning, Improving Brain Memory (Brain Storming).

Central Nervous SystemRegulate Central Nervous System by supplying highest amount of hydrogen, oxygen and energy.

Calories burningEase Calories burning faster (A calorie is directly linked to amount of water with heat as a unit of energy. Thus turning hot water the source of natural calorie burning by hydration).

Food Metabolism:  Enhance the enzymes to speed up the reaction in breaking down substances to build muscles and produce energy for the cells.

Harmful bacteriaDestroy pathogenic bacteria.

Lipids, fats burning and weight lossHydrate the enzymes and enhance its energy in breaking up fats (Lipids) into fatty acids; and use them as energy source. Being the most efficient source to weight loss and eradicate obesity.

ToxinsImpede Toxicities from smoking, alcohol, fizzy drinks, drugs, food preservatives, etc.

Cure DiseasesCure many diseases; including chronic diseases; diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, asthma, etc.

Diseases PreventionPrevent many diseases; including chronic diseases.

Aging: Reduce aging process, by repairing Free-radical cells damage.

Skin, EyesBrighten the skin, eyes whitening, and reduce dead skin.

Visual perceptionAmeliorate the cornea and improve eyesight naturally, by eliminating the coating film around the cornea from dust, germs, and other harmful matter.

HairStrengthen Hair. Enhancing distribution of most vitamins and minerals to the body.

Tooth WhiteningTeeth brushing with hot water along with tooth paste, eradicates sugars and starches from food remains, plaques from acid-producing bacteria, bacteria stains, tobacco, tea, coffee.

Smoking, Drug, and AlcoholEradicate the addiction of alcohol over-consumption, smoking and drug.

ConstipationEradicate the factors that cause constipation, such as build up toxins, kidney problems, tiredness, colon cancer, obesity, etc.

Body odorEnhance the immune system. Hydrothermal towel therapy, one of hot water therapy modalities, removes dead skin cells, and fungi that reside on human skin.

Vitamin DHydrothermal towel therapy, a modality of hot water therapy, enhances the production of vitamin D naturally through the cholesterol sulfate under the skin.

Hot WeatherHelp the body to secrete sweat hormone to cool the body, caused by thermogenesis that leads to vasodilation.

Voice EnhancementEnhance the audibility of the voice.

Stress, Anxiety and Sleep DisorderEradicate factors that lead to stress, anxiety, and sleep disorder.

Life Expectancy IncreaseAs the body naturally eradicates toxins, harmful bacteria and fat deposits; away from chemicals from drugs, body organs are restructured back to its natural functions, hydrogen pools are restructured leading to longevity.

Source of CreationThe only substance throughout the fetal growth, making it the essential source of creation and growth of every human being without exception.

PovertyReduce poverty as the beneficiary cut food intake by almost 80%. As hot water substitutes the energy needed by the body from the food metabolism.

❖ Metabolic wastes are the main cause of most of diseases, where the lack of energy and dehydration cause the body to store most of them and becoming accumulated by time.

❖In addition, disease is the major cause of poverty around the world. Improving health, reduces poverty.

Peace & HarmonyRestore the body’s need for the FEEL’s that maintain the PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) aspects of life. This phenomenon once maintained properly, leads to the appropriate correlation with the Infinite Intelligence in the universe through the subconscious and conscious minds.

Faith/DevotionOnce spiritual health, being one of the FEEL’s (Four Essential Elements of Life) is properly attained through the Hot Water Therapy, it would result to better understanding of Faith and Devotion between various diversification in people.

Women’s menstruationRegulate women’s menstruation, through the regulation of the body’s hormones.

Fetal developmentProtect fetal development & expectant mother, by regulating the amount of water and heat needed in amniotic fluid.

ContractionsSoften contractions allowing pain-free childbirth, by softening the muscles, etc.

Baby’s nutritionA safe nutrition for infants and newborn babies. Same as the mother’s milk temperature and the bottle milk given to the baby is usually hot.

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