Faris AlHajri-Ph.D.(A.M.) | About Dr. Faris
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About Dr. Faris


AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC
Independent Natural Health & Wellness Professional
International Speaker on the topic of 'Hot Water Therapy'
Copyrights: USA, UK, Oman & Philippines

Faris AlHajri - PhD(A.M.)

President & CEO
Faris AlHajri - President & CEO, AlHajri Holistic Health & Wellness LLC

About Dr. Faris

Faris Rashid AlHajri-PhD(A.M.), a natural born Omani citizen who spent most of his childhood in Africa yet strongly influenced by Western cultures. Crossed the seven seas to marry a Christian Filipina Nurse and became a father of two energetic sons, Qais and Sami, whereas both share the same birthday, but are split in ages by six years. Proves that love conquers all and neither race nor religion can drift them apart.

Emotionally affected by the separation from his mother where he never knew his real parents until the age of six years old. He was never raised by his parents including all his divided family members, due to his mother’s long term suffering of health complications which affected her to undergo ten surgeries. Unfortunately, the Author could not be able to achieve his first dream to find a permanent cure to his mother’s thirty five years of health suffering that ended with a cancer of the womb that finally took her life, where her final breath was the only time the whole family was gathered.

Dr. Faris was at first a Quantity Surveyor by profession. He did his career that lasted for twenty three years where he passed through various government positions. The long term health sufferings of his mother and his inability to cure her which descended from his father who was well known as a powerful spiritual healer, but his father’s incapability to cure her as well, passed away more than a decade before his mother’s death. Such incidents resulted to an emotional distress to Dr. Faris. And due to that, he became a workaholic person looking for uncertain that accumulated from his childhood history. Unfortunately, due to long hours of non-stop works that lasted throughout his career, he acquired various health complications that were turning worse, with no cure at all, but his health deteriorated, despite his consciousness and complete care for his body’s health in taking proper food nutrition, this turned to a tremor worried for his two young children. He did not want to accept failure, and for this reason, he intensified his efforts struggling hard to find a permanent cure for his advance Asthma, Lumbago, Rhinitis & Series of Migraines, until the final achievement of his dream where he ended up discovering the physical, mental and spiritual health cure of Hot Water Therapy.

His scientific discovery was achieved in just few months that derived from a wisdom which started from a powerful dream and an incident he believes of seeing it immediately at the time his dream ended up, he assured to his wife being a revealing of his long awaited subconscious awaited dream came true to change the whole history on human kind. At that time, he did not know what the full details of his dream were.  It all changed few months later from an experimentation of pouring cold and hot water on dishes with left over foods with oil deposit on it.

This scientific discovery, changed his whole page in his healthy lifestyle and wellness, he finally became completely asymptomatic including his beloved wife and two children.

Since he discovered this therapy in August 2007 until present time, Faris and all his family members never take any medication except the Hot Water Therapy since then.

Faris never want the health benefits in Hot Water to benefit himself and his family members only, and due to this he intensified his efforts to keep spreading it through all means; social media, conducting free lectures and seminars, direct coaching, helping any individual at whatever cost he could bear to find a permanent cure to diseases of his tremendous increase numbers of his strong followers of hot water.

Challenges were accumulating from his opponents, he never accepts any defeat, and wanted to keep a balance between peacefully facing his opponents and continuing his researches.

Due to this reason, he was revealing his feelings through Theories of Well-Being, where wrote two books in two languages at the same time; with titles: “The Miracle & Wonders of Treatment from Hot Water” & “The Values of Well Being & Its Secrets for a Better Living-Theories”. He claimed that he is preparing to issue new editions of his books with titles:

❖ “Hydro-Thermal/Hot Water Therapy/Aqua Qalidum Therapy (HTT/HOWT/AQT)) – A new PEMS Health Mystery Revealed”.

❖ “Amplify Your Subconscious Vitality“”.

Further books will supersede thereafter.

His book on Hot Water Therapy is met with various scientific hypotheses that would help the public discovering the hidden mysterious secrets of this new natural therapy in regularizing the complete human’s biologic, genetic and psychological aspects; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Faris was finally blessed to find an alternative to his financial incomes, his properties turned to a wealth where he no longer needed to depend on his career. His long awaited ambitions have been accomplished, and due to this, he decided to vacant his professional career for the sake of intensifying a deeper research of his scientific discovery which lasted for about six years, until finally he passed the Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Alternative Medicines from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM), approved by the Open International University; where the well known worldwide Japanese Scientist; Dr. Masaru Emoto received certification as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Emoto is worldwide known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Faris desires to uplift a healthy living where he devoted his life completely to help spreading the awareness of natural health & wellness.

He has the noble will of helping every individual by letting them understand the importance of the miraculous benefits of hot water.

A humble individual strictly upholds human rights. Internationally well travelled person and spends most of his time to formulate ideas. Gather his wisdom by reading, real experience in life, and on everyday activity. Overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, where he strongly believes our World of Miracles it holds has a direct and indirect benefits to Human himself.

He sincerely appreciates the worth of every human’s value, he completely deny any sort of isolation or discrimination in human in all means. He desires for a simple and peaceful environment that is why his crusade is to understand and forgive the wrongdoer. A virtual representation of a very calm person who always practice emotional self control on every situation.

He adopts the basic principle in life that all human beings share common factors of unity between them, and their differences are for the sake of sharing what could never be found from self.

An advocate of peace with the intention of sharing his knowledge through his books of wellness.

He desires to uplift a healthy living. His craft in creating the printed works is intended for a better change in the society. He has the noble will of helping every individual by letting them understanding the importance of health & wellness, living in a peaceful environment with the surrounding society, discover the secrets for achieving all Human’s dreams and ambitions; and revealing the subconscious mental power that every Human being possesses, whoever maybe, in terms of his color, religion, doctrine, age, financial or physical potency… etc.; by focusing on the three Factors of unity between all people; “Faith/Devotion, Body Composition and Dreams/Ambitions.

2)     About Dr. Faris’ Hot Water Therapy

Dr. Faris’ Hydro-Thermal/Aqa Qalidum/Hot Water Therapy (HTT/AQT/HOWT) is disintegrated into various therapeutic modalities;

A- The Inner Therapeutic Methods (ITM)

The Inner Therapeutic Method (ITM) is disintegrated into two different categories;

1.     The Hot Water Drinking Method (HWHM) and;

2.     The Kata Fat-Burning Method (KFBM)

3.     The Neck Stretching Method (NSM)

B- The External Therapeutic Methods (ETM)

1.       The Hydro-Thermal Air Therapy (HTAT)

This therapy is conducted through the permutation of;

–        The Hydro-Thermal Towel Therapy (HTTT) , or simply the Compress Method (CM) and;

–         The Thermal-Air Therapy (TAT)

2.     The Hydro-Thermal Steam Therapy (HTST)

3.     The Hydro-Thermal Massage Therapy (HTMT)

The human’s brain is the most marvelous hidden secret that no one would ever discover its real performance. Whereas it controls the flow of hormones throughout the human’s body. It is the most sensitive ever known to his personal scientific hypothesis. It is capable to carry out spectacular functions never happened before all the way throughout the entire history of human kind. But due to its perceptiveness arising from the many events humans pass through, lead to various stresses that are resulted by fear, worry, and phobia. The human’s stress has reached an alarming level and due to this, has resulted to the destruction of many social lives.

Hot Water Therapy would be the solution towards regularizing the human’s brain in order to properly control the hormonal balance of our body’s organs.

Hot Water Therapy would increase the supply of energy and oxygen to the brain, which is known to consume more than twenty percent of each. This in return, would result to increasing cognitive benefits and effects on the brain, reducing neuro-developmental disorders, calming the nerves and increasing adrenalin, improving mental performance and memory, helping balance the stimulating and depressing nerve impulses, increasing your mood in fighting depression, and allowing for more creativity, insight, and mindfulness.

Water is the elixir of our life. There is a miracle in water as it is considered the most powerful medicine in the world. Unlike the human made medicines, Hot Water Therapy does not have any sign of side effects in our body. The various studies and efforts the Author has personally been exerting since he discovered the Hot Water Therapy in August 2007, have proven that by drinking Hot Water, and abiding with the various therapeutic modalities, it purifies the toxin, helps melting the fat deposits and destroys harmful bacteria in our body. It is the most important catalyst in losing weight and maintaining perfect body figure. It is a miracle liquid remedy that will keep us in shape physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. To be healthy, one must abide with all the directives provided. Health is wealth, so we have to keep a healthy body to have a wealthy lifestyle. Hot Water Therapy proves to cure various allergies, infection and diseases including those chronic ones. Moreover, it removes built up deposits in our nervous system. These deposits are responsible for creating negative thoughts and emotions. By removing these build ups, it will help to purify our thoughts and put us in a better emotional state.

3)     About Dr. Faris Wellness

Dr. Faris is well known for his motivational speeches and inspirational quotes for well-being and self-improvement. He helps individuals achieving their potentials, unleashing their subconscious vitality, which he believes every human possesses. As a man struggling to bring peace and harmony in people, he usually conveys his passions through his quotes of well-being he eventually formulates.

Dr. Faris motivational engagements hold tightly on to divulging the secrets for attaining all Human’s illusions and ambitions, unleashing their unconscious intellectual power, living in a peaceful environment with the adjacent society; achieving a successful livelihood; swelling up skillfulness and acquaintance.

His advocacy is bestowed to all Human Beings without  prejudice where he entirely  rebuff any kind of discrimination in any form; religion, doctrine, similarity, color, size, age, physical aspect, financial potency, authority … etc, that usually happens in people and being the main basis in the destruction of Human’s evolutions.

He reveals to his attendants, listeners, followers, and readers of his books, how our World is precious by discerning that it is in fact a World of Miracles, a World where every Human Being has the full right  to live.

His passion is to share his deep interest on Human’s greatest conquest of achieving peace, love and harmony in the world.

FOR:   Without Peace, there will be no harmony.

Without Peace, there will be no unity.

Without Peace, we cannot eliminate poverty.

Without Peace, we cannot enjoy a healthy and wealthy living.

Without Peace, we cannot fully acquire skill & knowledge.

Without Peace, Human Civilization will never improve.

People are united by faith and devotion despite the differences on the way to worship or belief for we all came from the same means of creation. Human turns out to be human because of common factors that unite all human beings; Faith/Devotion, Body Composition, and Dreams/Ambitions.

” One of the miracles of the modern life is that the whole world with its huge size becomes a small village that has united all the people of the world resulted from the civilization that human has ever achieved ”
” No Human being may attain any form of success, whatever the level of incident, without surpassing the challenges that he encounters. “

Believe in Challenges not Problems. Thus,
” Challenges are the main factor of life, in order to develop his mental ability and intellectual skill to build a better future, starting from the pass, passing through where he stands by at present, ending with a bright future. “

” Problems are just an essential matter that judge human to destroy him completely. It destroys whatever Human has ever built. It add to man’s failure on the future that he is building and making his dreams unfulfilled. “

” The level of success every human may achieved depends on his faith, willingness, belief , proper planning, struggle & patience arising from the following:-
A Child will never by just coming out from the womb of his Mother.

A Bird will never fly by just coming out of his egg.

Rain will never come without Clouds.

Storm will never come without Winds.

Day will never come without Sunrise.

Night will never come without Sunset.”

” A child will never come out from the womb of his mother and just walk.

A bird will never come out of his egg, and just fly.

Shower will never come without clouds.

Storm will never come without winds.

We will never just succeed without struggling.

We will never just be blessed without prayer.

Let’s live with hope of achieving a better living, health, harmony, love & peace in this beautiful World of Paradise.”

” Our life moves like a ship that needs to have proper balance for it to run smoothly. “

We offer consultations on Haqua Revitalize® Therapy, for Corporates, group individuals to empower your team and provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.