Faris AlHajri-Ph.D.(A.M.) | Balance body & mind
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Balance body & mind

Our professional training is backed with scientific facts through the science of biology, psychology, physics and chemistry of the human body function

As a professional Health Coach, We help Corporates and groups towards;

Exclusive Haquation

“Haquation”, is more than just hydration. The secret key to your entire physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Physical Health

Can’t exercise regularly? Are you having hard time to follow a restricted dietary system? No more worries. We guide your team to attain proper physical body fit with the least exercise of “Kata Burning Method” (KFMB), without a specific dietary system, just with a simple “Haqua Diet” therapy (HDT).

Emotional Health

Through our coaching techniques, we help your team reaching hormonal balance towards positive sense of emotional and psychological well-being and the ability to control and express emotions appropriately.

Mental Health

The unconscious processing abilities of the human brain are estimated at roughly 11 million pieces of information per second.
We help your team decimate stress, anxiety, etc, maintaining resilient collaboration, robust teamwork, and cultural competence; though our exclusive created programs that enhance cognitive function of the brain and increase productivity.
Your brain might be capable of executing as many as 100 billion operations per second.

Spiritual Health

We train your team towards a better understanding of the purpose of human existence in life; the power of conviction; compassion and understanding towards others; the value of every human being; the capacity for love and forgiveness; and cultural understanding, appreciation and intermingling with peoples of different cultures and beliefs.

Haqua Diet & Weight Loss

We help your team attaining weight loss with our exclusive techniques of Haqua Revitalize® Therapy. No more worries of restricted diet or intense exercise.

We offer consultations with a Haqua Revitalize practitioner

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